How to: Make Nice Clothing Last

How to Make Nice Clothing Last Cover

When it comes to caring for your clothing, there are certain tips & tricks which will ensure they last as long as possible. After all, you buy quality clothing not only as a fashion statement but as an investment.

In this way, you can think of proper clothing care as just that: protecting an investment. So, keep reading our ‘How To’ guide to discover the best tips for keeping your nice clothing bright, wrinkle-free, smelling fresh and feeling soft.

1. Respect the Washing Symbols

Before we dive into the specific methods for storing and handling your clothing, make sure you familiarise yourself with the care label symbols. Not sure what they mean? Feel free to peruse our previous article where we break down the not-so-mysterious meaning behind all the washing and dry cleaning symbols. We’ll wait right here…

Got it? Good – back to the topic at hand.

One of the most common mistakes people make when caring for their clothing is to ignore the care labels and wash their items improperly. Is dry cleaning more expensive than a simple spin in the washing machine? Yes, and understandably so – it’s a much more complicated process.

But if you’re truly interested in making nice clothing last, then pay close attention to the care label and respect the directions. ‘Dry clean only’ isn’t a suggestion or a conspiracy started by a secret dry cleaning alliance. It’s straightforward instructions that scream: ignore at your own risk!

2. Keep things dry

If you want to keep your clothing from fading, smelling musty or becoming a wrinkled mess, proper storage is vital.

While some people prefer placing everything on hangers to avoid folding creases, others enjoy the cloth basket system – either way, the manner in which you organise your closet is completely up to you.

But regardless of which Pinterest-inspired method you employ, there are certain aspects of proper clothing storage that are non-negotiable, such as the level of humidity.

A damp or humid closet will leave your clothing with an odd smell and make your items wrinkle faster. The quick fix? Consider investing in a dehumidifier for your bedroom, especially if you hang dry your clothing.

By removing the excess evaporated air from your clothing storage area, you reduce the risk of your clothing developing a lingering, damp scent. You also decrease the chance of growing mould in your closet and living space – which is always a plus.

3. Use shelf liner

If you store your clothing directly on wooden shelving, over time its original colour will fade and take on a tint from the wood grain. To avoid this altogether, it’s best to install shelf liner – a simple, fast solution that will ensure your clothing stays bright and clean for much longer.

The added bonus? You can choose from a variety of colours & patterns to give your closet a little extra style and flair.

4. Opt for a natural deodoriser

Even if you do everything right – wash everything on a regular basis, keep the humidity under control & properly line your shelves – there’s still the risk that a closed closet can develop a certain odour.

Therefore, it’s advisable to air out your closet regularly to circulate fresh air & let your items breathe a bit. Additionally, you can use a natural deodoriser, such as lavender or baking soda, to combat any unwanted smells.

Want to get a bit fancier? You can even buy scented wooden hangers!

5. Use Quality Washing Products

Nothing feels better on your skin than a soft, woolly jumper or a silky dress. But if improperly washed, these fabrics won’t remain nice to the touch for very long. The quality of the washing detergents, fabric softeners and dryer sheets you use is imperative.

These days, there’s an abundance of different brands to choose from. Organic, fair trade, skin-sensitive – the list is long, but the most important aspect is that it’s a high-quality brand.

Not sure what constitutes ‘high-quality’? Well, the price tag should serve as some indication. A very inexpensive washing detergent won’t be as gentle on your clothing as a more expensive one. To err on the side of caution, you should conduct some research into what your favourite fashion brands or luxury linen lines recommend.

Using a product suggested by a trusted clothing or linen brand will ensure that you are treating your items with the utmost respect.


The way you care for your clothing will directly impact how long they will remain quality, wearable items. If you treat your clothing badly, don’t be surprised when it pills, fades and starts to smell.

From storage to washing to humidity levels – if you put the proper time and love into caring for your clothing, it will love you back.

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