How to: DIY Halloween Costumes with Household Items

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Halloween is right around the corner, which means that your fancy dress is probably sorted by now.

But if you’re more of a ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ kind of person, then this article is for you!

So if you’ve been wondering ‘How can I make a last-minute Halloween costume?’ – we’re here to help the procrastinators among you put together five easy costumes from common household items.

Starting from the easiest and working our way up in difficulty, we have:

1. Ghost πŸ‘»

Let’s start simple – nothing is more straightforward and ‘classic-Halloween’ than a ghost costume. And it couldn’t be easier.

You’ll need:
– a white sheet
– scissors
– white shirt & pants

First of all, make sure this is a sheet you don’t mind parting ways with. After the night is over, it won’t be useful for its intended purpose again.

To make sure you get the eye holes the correct height and width, you’ll need a bit of help. Have someone drape the sheet over you and make sure it’s even on all sides. Then, take a maker or pen and indicate the areas where your eyes are (aka there area where you’ll need to cut holes).

Next, remove the sheet and use your scissors to cut appropriately-sized eye holes. Finally, try it back around to make sure the holes are large enough to safely see through.

All that’s left if to put on your white shirt and pants & throw on your sheet. That’s it, you have a boo-tiful costume!

2. Mummy πŸ’€

Though only slightly more complicated than cutting holes in a sheet, it doesn’t get much simpler than being a mummy.

You’ll need:
– a white shirt
– white pants
– a few rolls of toilet paper

Once you’ve got your all-white outfit on, you’ll need some help adding the toilet paper. But what are friends for if not wrapping you from head to toe in toilet paper, right?

Pro tip: Make sure that you loop it over and under itself so that it stays on your body. But, even if a bit falls off during the evening, it just ups the effect.

For added pizazz, use some makeup to give yourself dark eye circles and green-tinged skin from the centuries you’ve spent chilling in your sarcophagus.

3. Cupcake πŸŽ‚

Love cupcakes so much you want to be one? We understand the feeling.

And if you have a tutu, along with some simple art & craft supplies at hand, you can be one!

You’ll need:
– a tutu
– scissors
– a long sleeve shirt & tights
– pom poms or pipe cleaners
– hot glue & a hot glue gun

To make the top of your cupcake, you’ll need to fire up your hot glue gun. First, decide whether you want to be a cupcake with long sprinkles or round sprinkles. If you want round sprinkles, you can go straight to glueing. If you want long sprinkles, cut your pipe cleaners up into appropriate sizes and then begin to glue them to the shirt.

If you’re making this costume for a child, it’s safer to use the pom poms, as they don’t have any pokey metal edges to worry about.

To assemble your full look, wait for the hot glue to dry completely. Grab some colourful tights, throw on that tutu and finish it all off with your decked-out t-shirt, and you’re all ready to go!

4. Lego ⬛

Do you have a rectangular cardboard box? Plastic cups? Paint? Then you’re pretty much set for an adorable lego costume.

You’ll need:
– a cardboard box
– tape
– plastic cups
– paint & paint brush
– an Exacto knife
– a long-sleeve shirt & pants (same colour as the paint)
– hot glue & a hot glue gun

First, place the box horizontally on the ground (with the wider side flush to the floor) and tape the top and bottom, as well as one end, closed. For the remaining end, you’ll want to cut off the flaps with your Exacto knife. This is where your legs will go.

Next, you’ll need to cut out the appropriate holes – a head-sized hole on the sealed end, two arm-sized holes on the long sides.

Now comes the cups. Cut each cup in half and use your hot glue gun to attach six of them on the front of your box, 3 by 3, evenly spaced and in a straight line – like a real lego.

Finally, it’s time to paint! Whatever colour lego you’ve decided to be, grab your brush, pour your paint into a cup and go to town! Make sure you give it a few coats and paint the edges of your extremity-holes so it looks polished.

Remember to let your lego dry completely before you try it on.

Now all you need is your solid-coloured, matching shirt & pants and you’re ready to delight the neighbourhood! Leggo, people.

5. Grapes πŸ‡

Do you like your personal space? Enjoy having a laugh? Then why not be a bunch of grapes this year?

You’ll need:
– purple or green balloons
– purple or green shirt & leggings
– a trash bag
– safety pins
– impressive lung capacity

First, you’ll need to blow up a bunch of balloons – make sure you vary the size. Then, lay the trash bag flat on the ground and cut out holes for your head & arms.

Next, you’ll need to begin carefully pinning the balloons to the trash bag, using the ends of the balloon. Make sure you pin the bigger balloons to the top, as you want to be an authentic ‘bunch of grapes’ shape. Once the trash bag is fully covered, you might need some help getting it on.

If you want to jazz the costume up, try using thick paper or felt to cut out some leaves to attach around your neck. Or throw on a purple or green beanie to complete the effect.

No matter what, you’re sure to draw admiring glances all night long. And if you have a partner in crime, you’ll never lose them at the party – a person dressed as a bunch of grapes is hard not to see.

Have additional ideas or anything to add? Let us know in the comments!

And if you end up being one of these great, homemade suggestions, post a picture so we can admire your skills!

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