Happy 4th Birthday to us!🎉


4thbirthday-infographic_cake4We have so many different accomplishments, team members and fun facts to share & celebrate today – Starting with the fact that Zipjet has officially been around for four years now! Which, in the start-up world, makes us a dinosaur.

We’d like to take this time to thank not only our co-founders and team members for their dedication & incredible motivation, but also our loyal customers who, through their trust and support, have made this milestone possible.

For your entertainment, we’ve put together a fun infographic about some of our favourite accomplishments over the last four years. Enjoy!

Our Team

Zipjet team facts

Believe it or not, there are over 20 languages spoken by our highly international team! #polyglots

Obviously, we have German, English & French speakers – that’s a given. But we’re proud to say that members of our team also speak: Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Greek, Slovakian, Czech, Romanian and so many more!

We believe that encouraging multi-culturalism within our team makes us stronger and open to new experiences, which is why we’ll always work to cultivate an even more international team!

We also believe in healthy living, and we’re happy to say that over the past four years, we’ve eaten over 832 kg of fruit. #TeamFitjet

We’re lucky to have a weekly fruit delivery with a variety of fresh, delicious treats for us to snack on. And, goodness, do we snack – bananas are always the first to go.

Sometimes when we have leftover fruit at the end of the week, our team members will use it to bake special treats to share.

And last, but most assuredly not least, our drivers are at the very heart of what we do. Their enthusiasm and commitment to their job inspires the rest of us to always do our best.

Within the last four years alone, they’ve walked over 19,600 km – that’s like walking from London to Paris to Berlin more than 12 times! Not to mention at least half of those steps are spent going up and down the stairs!

Our Customers

Zipjet customer facts

Our steadfast, supportive customers truly made this journey possible and over the last four years, we feel honoured to have been entrusted with over 90,000 suits and 50,000 evening gowns!

As some of the nicest, most elegant pieces a person can own, we’re proud to have taken wonderful care of so many.

But what about our more interesting orders? Largest order or strangest thing we’ve cleaned? While there are many different orders that could count as a bit odd, we’re pretty sure the ones below take the cake.

Zipjet customer facts dresses

Our largest order from a single person was for the dry cleaning of 98 dresses in Paris! Can you imagine? A special shout out to our driver who carried those bags up and down the stairs.

But our most curious order was for an 80 kg lion mascot. To be dry cleaned, of course – it would never have fit in the washing machine, let alone the dryer.


And finally, – with our Wash & Fold service, we’ve cleaned over 730,000 kg of your clothing – which is equal to the weight of 6 blue whales!

4thbirthday-infographic_insta_5            4thbirthday-infographic_insta_6

As you can see, this is truly a birthday to celebrate!

If you’re already a customer, we’d like to thank you for your trust & your business. If you’re not a customer yet, take this as a sign that you should give us a go!

We’d love the chance to impress you, too. Check out the full infographic below!


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