The Post-Christmas Clean Up Guide

Post-Christmas (1)

The holidays are winding down and you’re feeling conflicted – do you toss everything in your holiday storage boxes and deal with sorting and untangling next year? Or take the time and energy necessary to properly sort and store everything now?

While both options have their pros and cons – deep down, we all know which is the smarter one. And good news: the smarter option doesn’t have to be as headache-inducing as you’re anticipating.

Enjoy our top five tips for post-Christmas clean up that will make the process smooth, seamless & maybe even a bit fun.

1. Invest in Proper Storage

So Christmas is over, New Years has come and gone. And now you have to get working on the monumental task of putting all your lovely holiday decorations back in storage.

But how do you make sure that future-you will appreciate the way you pack and store your decorations? By investing in proper storage to maintain organisation & easy access.


To do this, you’ll need a variety of different sized boxes for your wrapping paper, wreaths, ornaments, lights, decorations, etc.

Though this may sound like a lot of work, finding the perfect containers to house your holiday items until next season can be fun & rewarding. And you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to do so.

Common household items can work wonders for Christmas storage. We’re sure you have some cardboard boxes lying around from all the online shopping. Well, they serve as a perfect receptacle for wrapping your lights around to avoid a tangled mess next year. Just cut the box up and use the various sizes for your indoor & outdoor lights alike.

You can also use extra cardboard to create your own ornament storage box. Simply cut the cardboard into strips that fit in your box length-wise and strips that fit width-wise. Use your scissors to cut into the width strips to create space for it to fit snuggly with the length strips, and voila – you have evenly sized openings, perfect for storing delicate ornaments.



Now that you’ve found the perfect boxes for all your decorations, you must make sure to you label absolutely everything.

It’s great if you put all your decorations away in an organised fashion, but useless if when unpacking next year, you have no idea what’s in your boxes!

Buy festive labels or use leftover gift labels to stick to the sides and tops of your boxes – both big & small. You’ll thank yourself, as it will save hours of guess-work next winter.

3. De-clutter & Donate

Now that you have everything out in the open, it’s a great chance to declutter your holiday decoration collection. We know there are certain things that hold too much sentimental value to part with, but we’re also sure that you don’t need three different blow-up snowmen.


So why not collect and donate older, but still useful, decorations or clothing? Another family will be more than happy to receive them and appreciate the ability to decorate and be festive next year.

You can do the same with presents you know you won’t use. There’s always the possibility to regift them, but if you’re in more of a giving spirit, you can donate them to charities that will put them to great use.

4. Do Your Laundry & Dry Cleaning ASAP


Tis the season to wear your nicest dresses, suits & shirts. But now that they’ve had their day in the sun, they’ll need dry cleaning – along with an assortment of other items, such as your tree skirt, cloth napkins, tablecloths & stockings.

Don’t put this off, it will just become an unwelcome burden next time you’d like to wear it. Good news: We’re more than happy to come directly to your doorstep to pick everything up and bring it back freshly washed or dry cleaned. It’s one less thing to worry about as you check off your post-Christmas clean up list.

5. Keep Some Things Out


And finally, remember that you don’t have to do a complete 180° from holiday cheer to bare & bleak January. If it makes you happy, keep a few wintery decorations out to warm up your home.

The outright Christmas-y ones can easily be put to rest, but there’s no harm in keeping up a few snowflakes and wreaths until you feel ready to pack it all away for good.


Post-Christmas clean up doesn’t have to be a nightmare. With a plan, motivation & labels galore, you can get through this yearly burden in a jiff.

Just remember your list:
1. proper storage
2. label everything
3. do your dry cleaning ASAP
4. de-clutter & donate
5. keep a few things out for morale.

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