Zipjet’s Top 5: Best Laundry Hampers & Baskets

Think about that corner of your room – you know the one we’re talking about.

Over time, this corner somehow accumulates a medium (to gigantic) pile of dirty laundry as if by magic! Strange…


How many times have you told yourself ‘I won’t throw things on “the chair” or in a corner. I’ll take them to the laundry room where they belong’, only to find that a few days later, you had already fallen back into your ways?

But whether it’s magic or just plain laziness, this shameful corner is something you’re ready to tackle, and it’s an easy fix.

All you need is a high-quality laundry basket or hamper, and with the snap of your fingers, this bad habit will be a thing of the past!

There are many different types of laundry hampers you could choose from, but these are some of our top favourites.

1. Wicker Basket


Why leave a pile of dirty clothing in the corner of your room when you could easily hide it all in a stylish and discreet wicket basket?

A piece that matches a variety of decors, a wicker basket would be a great addition to most any bedroom.

Ideally, you should find one with a lid. This way, you can close the cover on your dirty clothes, and no one is the wiser.

2. Wrought Iron Basket

andy-fitzsimon-107470-unsplash (1)

From black to copper to silver, the options are endless. Be it simple or intricate, an iron basket will instantly become a statement piece in your bedroom, complementing many different styles, from art deco to contemporary.

Find one with wheels and your life will be even simpler! Just roll it to the laundry room full and roll it back empty. Easy.

3. A Collapsable Canvas Hamper

A clean, neat canvas hamper can be a great addition to your bedroom – and can serve as an ideal laundry hamper.

Find one with separate containers for your whites, colours and darks, and you’ll cut your laundry time in half!

Gone are the days of sorting in front of the washing machine. Instead, just pull out each pile of pre-sorted clothing and place it directly into the washing machine. Jone (almost) done!

4. A Crocheted Basket


Why not get a basket with a unique, home-made feel? A crocheted hamper with handles and a lid can serve as a discreet and mobile laundry basket.

It’s perfect for storing and transporting your dirty clothes to the laundry room – without having to gather up the pile and inevitably lose three socks and a pair of pants along the way.

Lightweight and flexible, a crocheted basket is an excellent choice for children’s rooms as well!

5. Storage Cabinet Hamper


Want to keep your dirty laundry hidden from pretty much everyone but you?

Then you should invest in a cabinet-style laundry hamper.

While the outside looks like a sleek and fashionable side table, on the inside, you store a removable hamper – easily transported to and from the laundry room.

A storage cabinet hamper is a unique way to camouflage your unwashed laundry and keep your room ordered and neat.

No matter what hamper or basket you choose, anything is better than piling your clothing in a heap in the corner or on an unsuspecting chair.

By creating a space specifically for your dirty laundry, you’re more likely to keep things looking nice.

And when your space looks nice, you feel better.

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