How to: Dry Your Clothes Properly

Dryers are an undeniably incredible invention – they save time, soften your clothes and ease your workload.

Plus, there’s nothing quite like a warm jumper fresh out of the dryer.

While dryers may seem like a given to many families, they’re a luxury to countless others. Some may find it surprising that most people around the world, whether by choice or circumstance, air-dry their clothing.

There are numerous reasons why both dryers and air-drying can be beneficial for your clothing, and we’ll discuss a few below.

1. Air-drying is good for your fabric


What is lint? Dirt… Debris… Fairy dust?

Or is it the fabric of your clothing slowly shedding off during each cycle in the dryer?

If you answered ‘the worn-off fabric of your clothing’, you get a gold star. Though, to be honest, we can’t guarantee there isn’t some fairy dust in there, too.

When you use a dryer, over time the friction and heat slowly wear away at your fabric. This leads to the quality of your clothing deteriorating with time.

When you air-dry your clothes, they don’t rub up against anything, deal with excess heat or start to pill – meaning they stay nicer for longer.

2. You save energy and water


We’ve all been guilty of doing a load of laundry that was slightly on the light side. Sure, it didn’t actually fill the entire washing machine, but you need a particular dress for an event tonight. If you were to air-dry your dress, it would never be done in time for your party.

Though it’s a given that the process of air-drying your clothing is more labour-intensive, there can be some perks as well.

When you know the time and effort that will go into hanging up your wet items, letting them dry, taking them down and folding them – you’ll only do the laundry when you really need to.

3. Air-drying makes your clothes smell better


While dryers are efficient and time-saving, drying your clothes on a line provides access to fresh air – which means you don’t have to use dryer sheets and laundry fresheners to combat any leftover odours.

And if you have sensitive skin or are allergic to chemical fabric softeners & detergents, air-drying is an excellent option for you.

4. Dryers make your clothing comfy


When you air -dry your clothing, you’re saving money and energy, but you’re often left with stiff, uninviting clothing.

When you use a dryer, the heat and friction soften your fabrics, making them lovely to wear and cuddle up in.

5. Dryers save time

Here’s a scenario: your daughter’s ballet recital is in just a few hours and her costume somehow didn’t make it into the last batch of laundry. The venue itself is 40 minutes away, and you all still need to eat dinner.

When you’re in a time-crunch, air-drying just isn’t an option.

In these situations, dryers are a godsend. And if time is of utmost priority to you, then the dryer is the way to go.

Whether you want to air-dry, use your dryer or tie your wet clothing to a rope and hang it out of car window – it’s up to you.

There are pros and cons to all options, but it’s always best to be informed, consider what is most valuable to you and then choose accordingly.

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