Zipjet Top 5: Women’s Wardrobe Staples

Fashion is a deeply personal choice, and while we are often inspired by designers, stars and countless other people in our lives, each persons’ style is individual.

However, there are reliable staples in any wardrobe that can serve as a marvellous foundation to build upon and express your unique taste.

Below, we’ll discuss our top five favourite staple items for any wardrobe.

1. White Button Down


The white button-down is a versatile piece. Depending on what you pair it with, it can dress an outfit up or down.

When matched with jeans, it can make a previously casual outfit feel a dash dressier. Paired with a flowy skirt or tied at the waist over a summer dress, you can make a more formal ensemble feel effortlessly chic and casual.

No matter how you want to wear your white button down, it’s an item that looks good on everyone – you can’t go wrong here.

2. Jeans that fit


From the skin-tight low riders of the early 2000s to the loose, high-waisted Mom jeans of the past few years, the trend for jeans has evolved over the years – but that’s to be expected.

While it’s always fun to move with the trends, a classic, well-fitting pair of jeans is guaranteed to remain in style.

The rule of thumb for jeans: when in doubt, buy a size smaller than you think you should. Jeans expand over time, and after their second wash, they’ll have stretched to the contours of your body.

When you buy a size too large, it will sag and pucker in places they’re not meant to. While intentionally over-sized jeans can look fashionable, buying the incorrect size will appear frumpy and ill-fitting.

3. Nude pumps or flats


First of all, if you’re not a ‘heels person’, that’s okay. While some people feel empowered and confident wearing heels, for others, they can be too uncomfortable or feel unnecessary.

But the thread that runs through this suggestion is the colour: nude. When you wear a shoe that matches your skin-tone, you elongate your legs.

While this effect is more apparent with heels, it can still have a minor impact with flats.

These days, ‘nude’ is thankfully evolving to mean more than just a peachy, light skin-tone.

With plenty of stores and designers meeting modern demands for ‘nude’ to have more than just one definition, this style tip is useful for everyone.

4. T-shirt bra


Do you need to wear a bra? Do you also like wearing t-shirts? There’s a good chance you’re not wearing the correct bra.

We know, it’s a popular phrase: ‘You’re not wearing the right bra!’ And while it can become irritating to hear, truth be told – they may be correct.

T-shirts are the height of comfort and, contrary to your mother’s opinion, when paired correctly, a well-made t-shirt can look chic and stylish.

So, it then follows that you’ll need a bra that works for your t-shirt-wearing ways. A good t-shirt bra will provide full coverage and a smooth, seamless appearance.

Ideally, the lines of your bra won’t be visible – so steer clear of lace, balconettes and embellished bras when donning your favourite t-shirt.

5. A little black dress


Perhaps the most common ‘wardrobe staple’ of all time, the little black dress may feel over-hyped.

But we can assure you, it’s not. The right LBD will work for multiple occasions – formal or casual – and will make you feel both comfortable and confident.

When searching for the LBD of your dreams, think about what you like best about your body shape. Depending on your height, frame and personal taste, you’ll want to keep the length, cut and fabric in mind.

Thicker fabrics will retain heat, making them uncomfortable in the summer months or if you over-heat easily. Stretchy fabrics are great for comfort, but depending on the quality of the fabric, can be unintentionally see-through.


While there are lots of tips to find the correct LBD, at the end of the day, it’s most important that you feel good.

While body shape may be an important factor for some people to consider, wearing what you like and feel spectacular in is far more valuable.

We hope that these top five wardrobe staples were an interesting read for you and provided some inspiration, be it big or small.

Now, go forth and make your city a more beautiful place with your exquisite style and fashionable presence!


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