How to: Have Fantastic-Smelling Laundry

How to smell good cover


‘Wow, you smell really good.’

Is there a higher compliment a person can receive?

Pretty much our face when someone says we smell good.

Naturally, the ‘niceness to creepiness’ factor of this compliment correlates directly with who has given it.

From your friend, significant other or relative, this can be the highest honour – from that guy who often stands too close to you in the office kitchen while you’re waiting for your coffee to brew, not so much.

But either way, we all want to smell nice.

And having clothing that smells fresh increases your odds of earning this highly-sought-after accolade.

So, without further ado, here are 5 tips to ensure both you and your laundry stay smelling clean & fresh.

1. Essential Oils Are Your Friend


For those of us who would like our laundry to smell pleasant but don’t want to use artificial fragrances found in many detergents, essential oils can do wonders.

Fill up a spritzing bottle with water and a few drops of your favourite essential oil – lavender, lemongrass or thyme, to name a few.

Then spritz your items before you pop them into the washing machine.

2. Rewash Wet Clothes Left in the Washing Machine

Did you run a cycle before you left for work and return home to some damp clothes in your washing machine? Without thinking, you transferred them to the dryer and hit ‘Start’.

But when they’re all done, there’s a slightly off smell about them.

When you leave your wet clothes to sit in the washing machine for hours, they start to grow mildew. Therefore, only wash your clothing when you know you’ll be able to take them out and start the drying process immediately.

3. Naturally Scented Dryer Sheets


We’re back with the essential oils, but perhaps the spritz before washing was strong enough?

Grab an old washcloth or hand towel and soak it with cold water. Wring it out completely and add 5-6 drops of your chosen essential oil.

When your clothing is about 15 minutes away from the end of its drying cycle, throw this homemade dryer sheet in and let it mix with your clean clothing.

Presto, lemon-fresh goodness.

4. Air Dry for Maximum Freshness


There’s nothing quite like the mildew-y smell of a slightly damp jumper that’s been sitting in your closet.

Often, one cycle in the dryer isn’t enough to dry all fabrics equally. While your cotton t-shirt is dry and fluffy, your thicker jumper is still a bit damp.

By placing your jumper in your closet before it’s completely dry, it runs the risk of developing a scent of mould over time – a truly awful odour.

During the warmer months, take advantage of Mother Nature’s method – hang drying in the breeze. When we hang-dry our clothes, the freshness of the outdoors leaves them both fully dry and smelling clean as can be.

5. Air Out Your Closet

This tip may seem like a bit much, but even well-washed clothing can develop a musty scent when sealed up in a closet for too long.

Once every few weeks, simply open up your closet and drawers for the day to let your clothing breathe a bit.

By circulating the air around your items, you reduce the risk of them developing that closed-up scent.

We hope these tips leave you ready to combat musty, mildew smells and earn the ‘You smell great!’ compliment at least once a fortnight.


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