What’s new? Upcycling Apps

What’s your worst habit? Walking too slow on the sidewalk? Uncontrollable road rage? Buying new outfits for upcoming events when you have a closet full of perfectly adequate options?

While shopping-related impulse-control isn’t the worst habit out there, becoming more aware of the effect that fashion and clothing have on the environment, economy and people’s lives is a worthy pursuit.

So we’ve found three apps that will help you tackle your less-than-stellar clothing habits once and for all.

1. reGAIN


Do you like coupons and a neat, organised closet? Hate the idea of your unwanted clothing taking up space in a landfill? Then reGAIN is for you.

This app is perfect for anyone who’s looking to contribute to the circular fashion economy and streamline their closet without wasting anything.

You simply pack up a minimum of 10 items in a box and select a drop-off point. You’ll then receive a shipping label or barcode and send your box for free. Afterwards, you’ll receive access to their coupons.

The clothing you send to reGAIN will be reused and recycled to make new items, which is a win-win for everyone involved.

2. Fat Llama


There’s an upcoming wedding you’d like to attend, but don’t want to spend £300 on a dress or suit you’ll only wear a handful of times. We get it.

Buying clothing that you’ll only wear once or twice in counterintuitive – especially if it’s something expensive.

Why not rent it instead? With Fat Llama, you can rent pretty much anything from someone nearby.

This includes dresses, shoes, suits – all for hire by the day. You simply sign up for an account and search for what you need in your area.

With plenty of options at your fingertips, you’ll be sorted in no time. You can also buy and sell items you no longer need instead of throwing them away.

One man’s unwanted leather jacket is another man’s vintage dream.

3. Chic by Choice


If you’re looking for an app specifically focused on renting clothes and accessories, Chic by Choice is a great option.

For many, the era of ownership is coming to an end and renting designer and high-end clothes has emerged as a popular alternative.

Instead of spending money on a dress or outfit you’ll only wear once or would ordinarily be out of your budget, you can rent from apps like Chic by Choice.

With plenty of brands to choose from, you can lease from labels that stand for values you support – such as being environmentally conscious and treating their workers with dignity.

By taking ownership out of clothing, it’s arguable that we’re able to make better, more informed choices.

There are plenty of other apps out there that will help you upcycle your clothing, and we’d love to hear about your favourite!

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