How to: Dry Clean at Home

‘Can I wash things that are dry clean only?’… ‘Can I wash my dry clean only clothes at home?’

The questions abound, and you’ve scoured the internet for the best methods and hacks.

Not surprisingly, you’ve probably come up empty-handed. And that’s because, deep breath… you can’t dry clean at home.

It’s just not possible. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t employ some alternatives to keep you ‘dry clean only’ clothing fresher between cleanings. It just means that there is truly no alternative for real, quality dry cleaning.

However, we’re more than happy to share some tips on keeping your items fresher for longer if you don’t have the time or money for regular dry cleaning.

1. Grab the vodka


Don’t worry – we’re not recommending you drown your dry-cleaning-related-sorrows in a bottle.

Vodka is a great way to keep your clothing scent-free between trips to the dry cleaners.

Simply purchase an empty spray bottle and fill it with some vodka, then spritz your clothing thoroughly.

The vodka works to neutralise any leftover scents from daily wear.


2. Get steamy


Nothing is more irritating than knowing exactly which dress or suit you’d like to wear, only to open your wardrobe and find it deeply wrinkled since its last use.

While sending it to the dry cleaners would definitely solve this problem, you can also invest in a steamer.

Easier and faster than ironing, steamers tackle creases and wrinkles with little effort on your part.

This will also lengthen the time you can continue to wear an item before sending it to the dry cleaners becomes a necessity.

3. Rubbing alcohol is your friend

A small, hardly noticeable stain on a ‘dry clean only’ item can be infuriating. It’s not prominent enough to merit getting the whole item dry cleaned, but it’s there and you know it.

For small stains in less noticeable places, feel free to spray some rubbing alcohol on them. This should help neutralise and reduce the spot until its next trip to the dry cleaners.

While tips like these are handy when you’re in a tight spot, it’s important to remember that there is no real alternative to dry cleaning. Many fabrics – like silk, wool, suede and velvet – are too delicate and intricate for washing machines, heat and friction.

So, whether it’s the cost or time wasted in the queue that turns you off to dry cleaning – there is an alternative: Zipjet.

Simply download our free app and choose your collection & drop-off times to fit around your schedule. We’ll come to your doorstep – be it home, work or hotel – to collect, clean and return your items.

Zipjet takes the hassle out of laundry and dry cleaning, making your life easier and less complicated.

Quality clothing deserves high-quality care. Don’t risk your favourite items by trying to wash them improperly.

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