How to: Beat the Summer Heat at Work

Summer has officially arrived and with it comes fun, sun and… heat strokes?

For those lucky enough to have air-con in their office, we salute you.

But not everyone is so fortunate, and those without are greatly affected by the rising temperatures.

So, what are some work-appropriate ways to beat the heat in the office? We’ll list our top 5 tips below.

1. Go natural


Breathability is key.

When the temperatures climb, you’re bound to perspire more than normal. Nothing to be ashamed of – just remember to stock up on the deodorant.

Therefore, choosing fabrics that breathe can be the difference between a slightly uncomfortable day and passing out in the breakroom at 4pm.

Natural fabrics like cotton, linen or chambray are great options for staying cool and fashionable in the office this summer.

2. Sandals All Around


While trainers are quite comfortable, your feet also need to breathe. When you wear socks and shoes, you trap all sorts of heat in your feet and raise your overall body temperature.

Wearing comfortable, stylish sandals that work with a myriad of outfits and colours will help you beat the (feet-related) heat.

3. Keep it Light


Everyone remembers learning about colours in primary school. Perhaps words like refraction & absorption ring some bells?

When it comes to how different coloured fabrics react to sunlight, it’s best to keep it light. White, grey and pastels will absorb far less heat than black, navy and other dark options.

By choosing to wear lighter colours, you’ll remain a bit cooler throughout the day.

4. Go for the flow


While the breathability of your fabric is important, so is the fit of your outfit.

Tight, form-fitting clothing will retain far more heat than flowy, loose options.

When you opt for outfits that allow the breeze in, you’ll find that you don’t get quite as over-heated throughout the day.

5. Hats

Okay, so we aren’t recommending you wear a hat in the office, per se.

nik-macmillan-284747-unsplash.jpgBut on your walk to and from work, as well as when you pop out for lunch – having a hat on hand is a great idea.

Fashionable yet practical, a good hat will enhance your outfit and shield your face and upper body from the direct sunlight.

Two birds, one stone.


We hope these tips help you to keep cool and carry on this summer.

And remember: wear your sunscreen and drink lots of water! No one likes working with a dehydrated lobster.


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