Say hello to the largest on-demand laundry service

Laundrapp Hero Blog

At Zipjet, it’s always been a core mission to make our service available to as many people as possible. Being a start-up, we’ve been able to do this by leveraging clever technology to provide a high-quality laundry service without the associated price tag. To us, our service is a no-brainer for people trying to navigate today’s busy lifestyle.  

As part of this vision, today, we are officially announcing that we are combining with our largest competitor, Laundrapp – which will make us the largest, on-demand laundry service. Together, we’ll process over 150,000 items of washing per month. That’s nearly 2 million clean shirts, skirts and trousers every year.  

However, we don’t want to settle here. By combining the power of both companies, we’ll have the people, processes and technology necessary to begin expanding into regions which don’t currently have access to our services. The larger we become, the more people we can help.   

This deal is a win for all our customers, as you’ll quickly see the benefits of pooling our joint logistics, technology and customer service. Our team is already nerding out about possible future advances & benefits, but more immediately, it means increased prime-time slots, more customer service availability and better offers.  

We also know that taking care of the environment is as important to you as it is to us. Our integration will allow us to become even more environmentally efficient by making expert use of our technology and managing more customers from a single platform. With these advances, we’ll lower the overall number of trips needed, saving on emissions. 

You will notice some differences in the look of our services as the two brands merge together. However, our service remains the same and you’ll start to feel the benefits of us pooling our logistics and technology very soon. Expect a whole host of new features as we combine the best of both services.

We’ll keep you updated as we introduce new elements to our customer experience over the coming months. In the meantime, keep an eye on this space for updates. 

Lorenzo Franzi, CEO of Laundrapp & Zipjet

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