Zipjet Top 5: Tips for Perfect Towels

There’s nothing quite like wrapping yourself up in a soft, fluffy towel after a warm shower.

It’s heavenly.

While it may seem like a luxury to some, having soft, fresh towels is simpler to achieve than one might think.

Keep reading to discover our best tips & tricks on having the cleanest, fluffiest towels in all of London.

1. Hotter is better


Want to keep your towels as fresh as can be? Crank up the heat.

While you want to ensure your towels are soft, it’s also vital to ensure they’re sanitary.

When you wash your towels in cold or lukewarm water, you’re not killing as many germs as you should.

Using a high heat setting (60°) rids your towels of germs and, consequently, helps maintain healthy skin.

2. Wash them regularly


Though no one likes to dwell on it, our towels do become rather nasty after continued use.

Sure, you’re freshly showered and smelling excellent, but you still manage to deposit a bunch of dead skin cells when drying off.

And those accumulate over time, leading to increased bacteria growth – gross.

Therefore, it’s best practice to wash your towels at least once a week, or after 3-5 uses.

3. Dry them thoroughly


After using your towel to dry off, you’ll need to hang it up in such a way that it can also adequately dry off.

When you bunch up your towel on a hanger, it’s difficult for it to fully dry, creating semi-wet patches. These lead to enhanced bacteria growth, which is never a good thing.

Unless you’re making cheese, of course.

So, always spread your towel out fully to avoid unnecessary wet spots and all that follows.

4. Tumble & air dry


Round two in your bacteria-killing crusade? Tumble dry your towels at high heat.

By utilising a high heat setting, you’ll keep your towels fresh and help them remain fluffy and soft.

But, if you also want to preserve the fibres and increase your towels’ longevity, then you can use a combo: Tumble dry for about 30 minutes, then remove and finish up by hang drying in the sun.

This way, you’re a little easier on your towels while still ensuring they come out hygienic.

5. Wash them alone


Sure, it’s simpler to wash your towels in the same load as your regular laundry – saves time and water.

However, your towels are often made of heartier stuff and can end up damaging your delicate items.

Subsequently, it’s smarter to wash towels on their own.

We hope our tips have helped you up your towel-washing game.

Let us know if you have any secrets up your sleeve for the perfect towel in the comments below!

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