How to: Wash Your Jeans

Jackets, pants, vests and…overalls? Jean is an incredibly versatile, timelessly chic fabric. It looks good in almost every form.

Now, that doesn’t mean we’re condoning Britney & Justin’s 2001 American Music Awards ensemble. But when used correctly, a good pair of jeans or a well-cut jean jacket will elevate most outfits by injecting a sense of casual sophistication.

So, how should you be caring for your jeans?

Below, we’ll explain the very best tips on how to properly care for your jeans.

1. Don’t wash them (often)


For those of us that have just a touch of germaphobia, this tip seems very offputting.

But trust us when we say, if you washed your jeans as regularly as you’d like, they’d fade and the fabric would deteriorate rapidly.

And as anyone who’s found the *perfect* pair of jeans will understand – they must last forever.

Though it seems contrary to conventional wisdom, some body oil and a little bit of dirt are actually beneficial to your jeans. It provides character and even makes them look better.

If only that was true for all clothing – we’d spend a lot less time doing the washing.

2. Hand wash cold


When you do wash your jeans, the best approach is to use cold water and hand wash them inside-out.

But, keep in mind, this doesn’t mean you should be scrubbing your jeans.

Fill your sink with cold water and add about a teaspoon of detergent. Then, place your inside-out jeans into the water, and let them soak for 45 minutes to an hour.

Afterwards, rinse them off, gently wring out the water and let them dry.

3. Air dry only


Truly, there’s nothing quite as delightful as an item of clothing fresh from the dryer. It’s warm, soft and oh-so-inviting.

But with all the hot air and rapid tumbling, the dryer will damage your jeans – shrinking them and jeopardising the integrity of the fabric.

Therefore, it’s best to let your jeans air dry.

Just make sure not to place them in direct sunlight, which will fade the jeans’ colour.

4. Get steamy

If you find that your jeans smell a bit musty after air drying or you want to freshen them up between washes, grab the steamer and go to town.

The steam will not only do a grand job of keeping your jeans clean between washes, but it will also help combat any set-in scents from daily wear & tear.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our top tips on jean care and wear your jean jackets and pants proudly!

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